About the Artist

A local to Chicago, Lauren Schermerhorn is a digital designer who has experience working in fast-paced, tech-saavy environments and has a flair for clean, vibrant digital renders and interfaces. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Monmouth College, Lauren has contributed her skill sets to a plethora of individuals and companies; assisting in products built with robust Content Management Systems (such as WordPress), designed with the most up-to-date cloud software (such as Adobe Creative Suite) and demonstrated with modern, client-friendly products (such as Google).

Lauren’s love for design only contests her willingness to learn new skills. She has built her knowledge base alongside every job for which she’s contributed and is comfortable with numerous software and applications. Such applications include (but are not limited to): the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Axure, Maya and Storyboard Pro. Having worked in positions ranging from illustration and animation to user experience and front-end development, Lauren prioritizes conceptualizing simple, user-friendly products over anything else. Whether the project involves graphic design, animation or presentation components — She will ensure that any task will be completed with the utmost care and precision.

Questions? Feel free to contact Lauren using the link here!